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Is it legal to bury my ROOTS urn? In what location can I bury it?

It is advisable to investigate the regulations in your country, province and locality.
For example, in Quebec (Canada) you can bury your urn and your tree:


May I use my ROOTS urn even if I own a lot in a traditional cemetery?

In general, traditional cemeteries do not allow tree planting. 

However, our versatile planting system allows you to bury the urn separately from the tree. For example, you could bury the urn in the cemetery and plant the tree in a location that is significant to you.


Is the ROOTS urn totally ecological?

Yes! A ROOTS urn is made of post-consumer matter as well as entirely natural materials and it is certified by the Green Burial Council as a green funeral product.

The lower part is made of post-consumer coffee grounds and dolomite lime. It will contain the ashes and will completely biodegrade in 2 weeks. The upper part becomes a landmark for the tree and a tribute plaque for the loved one. It is made of 100% natural clay and will decompose completely over time.


How does it work ?

Mourning is a difficult process. Hope created by the tree that is beginning to grow symbolizes the continuation of life. In order to facilitate germination and growth of the tree, it is recommended to start the process indoors. . To do so, you have to find a dry place where to put the urn during this process.

When you receive your ROOTS urn or after the tribute ceremony, you take out the planting system that is included in the urn and you get the germinating process under way at home.

After a couple of months, when the tree is big enough, one can choose the appropriate moment to bury the urn and the tree in the ground.

This way, the pace of the mourning process, which is different for each person, is respected as well as the planting season which varies from one region to another.

For more information, see How does it work page.


I am looking for an ecological urn, but I do not want to grow a tree. Why should I choose a ROOTS urn?

ROOTS is the perfect ecological choice since the urn pays tribute with beauty and elegance because of its sober and refined design.

In addition to being certified by the Green Burial Council, the ROOTS urn is prizewinner of the GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN 2018 and was nominated for the GERMAN DESIGN AWARDS.


Is the germination of my tree guaranteed?

Yes, we guarantee the germination of the tree. (**certain conditions apply)
Although the germination rate of our seeds reaches up to 80% (usually 3 out of the 5 seeds supplied), our system allows one to start again the germination process in case of failure.

** You must keep your planting system and provide us with a picture of your seedlings. Then we will send you the replacement seeds.

Anytime we deal with nature there are variables out of our control and for this reason, we do not guarantee the growth of the tree afterwards.

We suggest that you check with a local nursery to maximize the sustainability of your tree (choice of location, outdoor planting period, care, winter and rodent protection, etc.).


Can I use the ROOTS urn for ashes I already have?

Yes, absolutely, even if you have had those ashes for a very long time. All you have to do is transfer those ashes in the biodegradable bag that is provided by ROOTS and place them in the lower part of the urn.


Can I use other seeds, a seedling or a mature tree with the ROOTS urn?

Or course! You can use seeds of your choice, a seedling or a mature tree. Ask your local nursery for a species that suits your environment and climate.

If you choose a mature tree, place the whole ROOTS urn completely into the ground, at a deeper level, and plant the mature tree on top of it.


Do you ship the ROOTS urn worldwide?

Yes, we do!

However, due to restrictions on seeds imports in many countries, we suggest that, if you order from outside Canada and USA, make sure you select the «ROOTS WITHOUT SEED» option on the website.

You will receive the urn with the planting system but without the seeds.

You can buy seeds of your choice, a seedling or an already mature tree from your local nursery.


What are the differences between the ROOTS urn and its competitors?

A beautiful, sober and refined design that can pay a high tribute to the loved one.

A certification as an ecological product by the Green Burial Council.

A variety of 3 species of trees included (Canada and USA only)

The three species were chosen for their ease of germination and growth.

Five seeds of each type are included:

  • Catalpa Speciosa (Deciduous)
  • Black Locust (Deciduous)
  • Scots Pine (Evergreen)

An effective planting system

  • With the help of a highly talented professional team, including industrial designers and a teacher-researcher who holds a Ph.D in horticulture, we worked on developing the ROOTS urn for close to two years.
  • Our proven and highly effective planting system will allow inside planting of the seeds in order to maximise germination and growth, regardless of the season or moment of passing.
  • Furthermore, the planting system contains nutrients specially designed for forestry horticulture.
  • The new biomaterial, made from recycled coffee grounds and lime, balances the high pH levels of the ashes.

A guarantee related to germination (*certain conditions apply)

  •   Our system allows to restart the germination process in case of failure.

A Canadian product made by hand

Capacity of 240 Cubic Inches (4 liters) - Ideal for bio-cremation

A versatile urn that be used in different ways and fulfill  various needs :

  • Can be planted directly into the earth with the planting system provided (although it is highly recommended to start growing the tree indoors).
  • Can be sold as an ecological urn for those who do not wish to grow a tree.
  • Can be buried separately from the tree. Customers who own a lot in a conventional cemetery can bury the urn in the cemetery and plant the tree in a location that is significant to them.
  • Customers can use seeds of their choice, a shoot or a mature tree (not included).