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We did it ! ROOTS crowdfunding campaign surpasses goal !

Posted by Marie-Claude Lemire on
We did it ! ROOTS crowdfunding campaign surpasses goal !

Thank you every one for your support !


Goal of the ROOTS crowdfunding campaign has been surpassed!

One day, I will be a tree!

I will live hundreds of years;

I will be the lung of the earth;

I will provide shade on hot days;

I will protect you from strong winds;

I will keep all secrets and comfort you during your times of sorrow;

I might also see lovers kissing beneath my branches.

 And you?

Our story … and that of Roots

The seed had been planted for a long time!

This project is part of phase 2 of our company, Muses Design Urns, which already sells contemporary funeral urns made in collaboration with artists/designers.

The desire to create this enterprise stems from the death of my father-in-law, almost 20 years ago. No funeral product could represent his unique, inspiring and original personality! Therefore, we decided to have one of his cabinetmaker friends build him a gorgeous urn. Jacques also has a tree in the country allowing us to feel his presence with us when we go.

There you have it! Jacques’ urn and tree are behind Roots!


Both made for post-consumer coffee grounds as well as entirely natural materials, ROOTS is a certified green funeral product by the Green Burial Council and we are extremely proud!

Be it for a birth, a wedding or for a death; planting a tree is a tribute to life. It is a symbolic gesture that consolidates our roots. What a beautiful ecological way of perpetuating life.


  • The cycle of life renews itself;
  • Cemeteries are transformed into forests;
  • Mourning is accompanied by hope and the memory becomes a living presence;
  • You choose an ecological product without compromising on esthetics.


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